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A Day In The Life At James Cameron School

on 20 August 2015

Have you ever wondered about what a typical day at James Cameron School in Maple Ridge is like? Here is an example of what our students from all over the Lower Mainland of British Columbia experience.

Good morning!

Principal, Mrs. Wagstaff rings the morning bell to start the day, waves to the parents as they drop off their children, and greets all students as they arrive at the front door.

After handing in tutoring homework students go up to homeroom with their planner (organizer) and any class...

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The road to James Cameron School – Part Two

on 6 August 2015

Nancy and Daughter

We had our daughter privately assessed for a learning disability. A public assessment would take years and I was told hers would keep being held off because she was 'coping' in school

We lived in the Okanagan region of BC and the public route would have been a minimum three years. We were told that five children per year in the Okanagan are assessed and the wait list had 15 kids before her.

I looked at all the websites. Our private registered psychologist told...

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