Admissions Policy

James Cameron School (the “School”) operates as a not-for-profit elementary school for children with learning disabilities. It is accredited by the Independent Schools Branch of the Ministry of Education, and has been in operation since 1980.


In order to be eligible for enrollment, a student must be at least 7 years of age by December 31 of the year of enrollment.


Parents/Guardians are required to:

  1. Provide a current (no older than two years), psycho-educational assessment, prepared by a registered psychologist, showing a learning disability as a diagnosis. In this regard, a learning disability includes a disorder that affects a person’s ability to either interpret what they see or hear or to link information from different parts of the brain. Learning disabilities can include visual, auditory, organizational or conceptual problems, or any combination of the above. Although the individual with a learning disability has average or above-average potential to learn (IQ), the disability becomes evident in both academic and social situations. The individual can have marked difficulties with certain types of tasks, while excelling at others. Excluded from the definition of a learning disability are: a deficiency in the potential to learn and/or primary behavioural, emotional/social, physical or sensory problems.
  2. Provide written confirmation that:
    a) They/he/she understand and support the School’s philosophy, policies, procedures and practices;
    b) Accept and agree to pay the School’s tuition and other fees with respect to their/his/her child.
  3. Provide full disclosure of the student’s educational history and learning disability.
  4. Together with your child, attend the School for an interview and tour of the school.
  5. Complete all registration documentation.


Each applicant for enrollment will be assessed on an individual basis, having regard to the particular characteristics and needs of the student, as well as the talents and capabilities of the School’s teachers and therapeutic tutors, and the School’s facilities. The School may deny a student admission if:

  1. There is insufficient space in the appropriate grade; and/or
  2. The School cannot provide a suitable educational/social development program for his/her special needs;
  3. His/her admission would have a detrimental effect on the quality of the educational services provided by the School; and/or
  4. The School would be unable to meet the student’s needs based on the facilities with which the school is equipped and the abilities of its staff; and/or
  5.  His/her admission would have a detrimental effect on the morale, health, ability to learn or safety of other students; and/or
  6. The special costs related to a student’s admission could not be covered by grants, tuition or other fees.


If the School needs to limit its enrollment, it will prioritize admissions in the following order:

  1. Students re-registering, by the stated deadline, from the previous school year.
  2. Students who have submitted a completed registration package, including payment of all appropriate fees and who meet the requirements of the Admissions Policy.






Recent Activity

School Event Calendar

  • Wednesday to Friday (Nov 6-8):  IDA Conference – no school for students

    Wednesday, November 20, 2019:   Photo retake day

    Thursday, December 5, 2019: Parent-Staff conferences 3 – 5 pm and 5:30 – 8 pm