Tuition, Fees & Schedules

We have consistently been the school of choice for parents who need quality private education for their children and affordable tuition costs.

It is worth your time to explore the terrific impact our programs have on elementary students.

Get in touch with your local tax office to find out how you can claim back a portion of costs.

Our tuition fees reflect the specialized learning needs of our students as well as our low student-to-teacher ratio and daily one-on-one Orton Gillingham tutoring. They also reflect our parents’ investment in their children’s futures and our joint commitment to turn “I can’t into I can.”


One of our fundamental beliefs is that children with language-related learning disabilities deserve an education in an environment where they can learn and grow. We believe this should apply to all children, regardless of their economic situation.


Many families with children who have been diagnosed with a language-based learning disorder by a licensed psychologist have found that specialized education for people with designated learning disabilities has been accepted by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as a medical deduction

Please talk to your accountant or tax advisor regarding Qualifying Medical Expenses (QMEs) and health care trusts as they apply to your family’s personal situation.


Tuition and Schedule 2018 – 2019 SCHOOL YEAR*


Details Registration Fees Terms Applicable
Tuition for School Year: $17,000.00* Payable with 10 post-dated cheques for $1,700.00, dated August 21, 2018, and October 1, 2018 through June 1, 2019, OR by lump sum payment for $16,900.00 dated August 21, 2018 ($100 discount). Monthly tuition for 2 students: $3,230.00.
New Registration fees: $1,000.00**

Payable upon enrollment. 

Parents Participation cheques: $200.00* Postdated for January 12, 2019 and June 12, 2019.


The Parents Participation cheques will be returned upon completion of each parent’s volunteer hours commitment.


All parents must complete and sign the registration package and submit the completed documents with all required cheques.


New parents must submit the package upon acceptance of enrollment.


* Fees subject to change without notice
** The enrolment fee and registration fee are non-refundable, unless there is no space available.


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Date: 2017-10-28
  • The Beauty of Generosity

     “THANK YOU” seems so inadequate to express the depth of our gratitude for the generous giving James Cameron School received on Saturday evening! Over $40,000 was raised at our first Gala.  There are many who deserve our thanks, and so it is with a heart full of gratitude that I pen this expression of deep thanks to everyone who helped make our Gala the roaring success that it was.To those who contributed talent, to those who contributed donations and time or money thank you! Your generosity is truly beautiful. To everyone who attended the Gala, thank you! For those of you that could not attend I have included a link to a video of our guest speaker, Greg Epp.  Greg attended JCS in the 90s and gave an inspiring speech. Warm regards, Penny Shepherd-Hill, Principal