Pop Word

            As a young professional woman I have run into many people who throw around the word, “dyslexia.” If they accidently write a word wrong they say, “oh, maybe I’m dyslexic.” If they jumble up their words they say, “the dyslexia is coming out,” and if they can’t explain something the way they want it explained they say, “I must be dyslexic.” The word, dyslexia, has become a ‘pop,’ word in our culture.

            If I am to be truthful I cannot stand people throwing around the word, dyslexia, as if it is something that everyone struggles with. I was first diagnosed in grade two and if it were not for the help of James Cameron School, the dedication of my mom, and a lot of hard work I would not be where I am today. People don’t understand the hours spent studying flashcards, the years spent with Orton-Gillingham tutors, and the tears that accompanied every success and failure.

            According to the website, Ragan’s Health Care Communication News, 60% of people who use the internet will self-diagnose by googling symptoms.[1] It is a growing epidemic, people are claiming to have different diagnoses without ever talking with a professional, and people are taking on diagnoses that were never theirs to have. They do not understand the struggle of those who have actually been diagnosed with dyslexia. Dyslexia is not a, “pop,” word!

            If you believe your child is struggling with a learning disability, then don’t be discouraged by those who believe that dyslexia is, “just a pop word.” I would encourage you to get a diagnoses so that you can have peace of mind; with a lot of hard work and right supports your child will succeed.



By Jenna Wiersma

JCS Alumna


[1]“Health Care Communications Main.” Health Care Communication. N.p., n.d. Web. 02 Dec. 2016”