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Five Simple Ways To Read Regularly With Your Children

on 15 October 2015

We all know how important it is to read with our kids. It not only improves literacy skills, it can also instill a love of reading. But with dinner to make, soccer practices and other activities, daily reading can be difficult to fit in to our busy schedules. 

With these challenges in mind, here are five simple ways to read regularly with your kids – whether you read to them or they read to you.

  1. Choose a good book

This may seem obvious, but it can be a struggle....

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Do you feel anxious?

on 4 November 2015

Do you feel it?

Sweaty palms.

Pounding heart.

Upset tummy.

These symptoms can describe many things. Stomach flu. Food poisoning. Drinking too much coffee.

So can you feel it now? No?

Try this. Imagine you are standing on top of a 40-story building. Now stand right on the edge and look down. There is no railing. No safety net either. Just a long, long way down.

Did you feel your hands get sweaty, your heart beat a little quicker or maybe a few butterflies in your...

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Things to Do Over The Christmas Holidays

on 16 December 2015

Christmas vacation is here. A special time to spend with family and friends. But what should you do with your family and friends over the holidays? We’ve compiled a list, so you won’t run out of ideas.


North Pole: You shouldn’t be surprised to see a visit to the North Pole on our list. Located at the Tradex in Abbotsford you will get to visit Santa and his elves and take part in fun activities such as the Creation Station, Toy Workshop, Prancer’s Pantomime and Tinsel Town...

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New Year’s Resolutions For Your Family

on 7 January 2016

The Christmas holidays are over.

The wrapping paper and decorations have been put away.

The leftovers are all gone.

But you’re left with some precious family memories. And maybe a few pounds.

Now it’s time to look forward. To set some goals. To make a fresh start.

And what better way to ring in the New Year, then to spend some time with your children and talk about your dreams and wishes for...

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Do you remember what it felt like being a child?

on 4 February 2016

It can be hard to remember now as an adult. We’re so busy with our jobs, our children, our homes, and all the activities we’re involved with. 

It’s easy to think that our childhoods were so relaxed compared to our busy lives now.

But if you really think back, was everything easy and carefree?

Did you ever misbehave at school and worry your parents would find out? Or maybe you kept putting off studying for an exam and now it’s test time? Perhaps you and your family moved and you had to...

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