Requirements for Field Trip Volunteer Driving 2023-2024

  1. Submit completed “James Cameron School Volunteer Driver Application” form along with a copy of your driver’s license Application form needs to be submitted EVERY school year.
  1. Submit ICBC Driver’s Abstract.
    1. Go on-line to
    2. Choose “Personal Driving Record” option when prompted or Phone ICBC 604-661-2800
    3. Have your driver’s licence number ready when you request your personal driving record. Have them email the abstract to the school at (
  1. Submit a copy of the vehicle insurance for the vehicle that will be used for transporting the students (must have a minimum of $2,000,000 third party insurance & copy required every year).
  1. Complete a criminal record check. This is free and easy to request and they are valid for 5 years. Note that this access code is specific to James Cameron School.

Follow link and access code below:

Access code: SM7K5NTGSL (Party ID 1830876 – Volunteer)

Note, this access code is specific to James Cameron School.

Please carefully read the current regulations regarding CARPOOLING


Schools should share the following guidance with staff and families regarding carpooling arrangements (personal or school-related):

  • Spread out vehicle occupants as much as possible.
  • Travel with the same people whenever possible.
  • Set the vehicle’s ventilation system to bring in fresh outside air, and do not recirculate the air.
  • Open windows when the weather allows.
  • Clean hands before and after trips.
  • Clean frequently touched surfaces regularly.

For carpooling related to school activities, students, staff and other adults must follow the mask requirements outlined in the Personal Protective Equipment section which currently states that masks are required for all staff and visitors while indoors and on busses. All vehicle occupants are required be masked when carpooling for school related activities.

Thank you for supporting our school!